York Street’s talking billboard

By Chris Thomson | posted on October 5, 2017

AN ALBANY council candidate is taking it to the streets to spruik her wares ahead of the closure of local government polls on October 21.

Vicki Brown manages the Small Business Centre Great Southern on Chester Pass Road, and is one of six hopefuls vying to represent Frederickstown Ward.

Ms Brown’s last experience as a local pollie was as a Tambellup shire councillor two decades ago.

“A lot of people are telling my mum they saw her daughter out on the street,” she said from behind her corflute placard on the York Street median strip on Friday.

“My husband’s a lawn-mower man. A lot of people are telling him.”

Ms Brown said she had pounded the pavements from about 7.15am to 9am every day since candidate nominations closed on September 14.

“An old chap did stop me to ask if I thought someone who wants to be a councillor should be doing this,” she said.

“I said to him if someone said: ‘We’re gonna close your public library’, what would you prefer, somebody who would grab a placard and get out there and work with you, or someone who you can’t find?

“If you don’t want to get out amongst the people why would you want to be a local government councillor?”

Aside from York Street, Ms Brown’s favourite haunts are Lockyer Avenue, Campbell Road and Sanford Road.

She said she’d received “lots of toots, lots of thumbs up, the occasional flipping of the bird, the occasional thumbs down”.

“But that’s okay ‘cause that’s the beauty of a democracy,” she said.

“I’ve even told people it’s okay if they don’t vote for me, but make sure you vote because this is not compulsory.

“If you don’t have a say, you can’t have a complain, I reckon.”