School crash mystery

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on August 15, 2019

AN INVESTIGATION is still unfolding into what crashed, laid eggs and made a mess in the library at Yakamia Primary School on Monday morning.

There were no witnesses to the crash landing but a few students had theories.

Some were convinced it was a Pokemon chicken that had crashed into the courtyard, covered in rocks and debris and leaving behind suspicious white footprints, while others thought it was a bearded dragon, a dragon, an emu, and a dragon that looked like an emu.

Principal Gemma Larham called an emergency school assembly straight after the morning siren rang to update students on what she knew.

CCTV footage of the crash landing was also aired at the assembly, which students watched in awe, shock and doubt.

“We’ve had the City town planner, environmental officer and fire officers here to check it is safe for everyone and they have said there is no radiation, so it is safe to be at school,” Ms Larham said, much to the dismay of some students.

“What we do know is that something, maybe a meteorite or an asteroid, crash landed and there are three eggs in the library.

“When I found the eggs this morning, they were warm and had a glow to them.

“So if any students have any leads, please make sure you tell the front office or your teachers.”

Deputy Principal Kylee Weadley thought the event was a great opportunity for students to practise their writing skills.

“We have a focus on writing here and we’re trying to help the kids be more engaged and excited about writing,” she said.

“This is a language experience that will prompt lots of different writing, research and news reporting.”

Ms Weadley confirmed she too had heard the various student theories and spent some of her morning reassuring parents that school was definitely still safe to be at.