Woodcarver one in a million

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on October 13, 2017

DARREL Radcliffe’s humble woodcarving hobby has evolved into creating a portfolio of masterpieces in his backyard, and has become a must-see part of every visitor’s trek to Albany.

Radcliffe’s incredible talent has generated a unique sculpture drive through his property and some of his stunning artwork will be on display at this year’s Act-Belong-Commit Kojonup Agricultural Show.

“My grandfather clock went a bit crazy on Facebook,” Mr Radcliffe said.

“It got over one million hits and 13,000 shares, and got across to America, which was pretty groovy and a bit of a spin out.”

Mr Radcliffe is currently working on a honeypot sculpture, but will be taking something new to the Kojonup Show.

“It’s a week and a half to go and I haven’t started yet!” he said.

“I’m thinking of doing a family of owls.

“I get a buzz from the complicated projects. I like experimenting.

“You get a sense of achievement when it’s done.”

2017 will mark Mr Radcliffe’s fourth year attending the Kojonup Show, and his final creation will again be auctioned off at the show.

“The main thing is community. I want to give my little bit,” he said.

“It’s something fun, and it’s a bit quirky and humorous, and it keeps the people happy.”