Pooches permitted

By Chris Thomson | posted on March 9, 2018

A WOODANILLING householder will be permitted to keep six chihuahuas after he allegedly needed reminding to apply to keep more than two.

On January 15, Woodanilling shire wrote to Mr J. James requesting that he register any unregistered dogs kept on his Robinson Road property.

The shire asked Mr James why he had allegedly not sought approval to keep extra dogs before taking possession of the chihuahuas.

In a written response, Mr James explained he had been willed the pint-sized pooches two years ago from a deceased estate.

In a report to Woodanilling councillors, Deputy Shire CEO Sue Dowson explained the chihuahuas – named Sheba (aged 11), Snoopie (7), Phantom (7), Junior (7), Tich (7) and Little Bear (11) – were securely fenced and that registrations for the dogs had been paid.

While Woodanilling’s local dog law bans the keeping of more than two adult canines, shire councillors on February 20 unanimously agreed to permit Mr James to keep the chihuahuas until October 31.

This is on the condition that if the number of chihuahuas decreases for any reason, shire permission be sought for any replacement dog.

Deputy Shire President Trevor Young absented from voting after advising he was personally connected to Mr James.

After declaring a proximity interest, Shire CEO Belinda Knight left the council chambers – which like Mr James and his six chihuahuas, are located on Robinson Road – while debate on the diminutive dish-lickers ensued.