The fruits of labour

By Grace Jones | posted on September 21, 2018

HOT on the heels of success at the Albany Chamber of Commerce and Industry annual awards where it was lauded for its innovative approach to business, Wilson Brewing Company will launch an aged fruit beer tomorrow night.

Wilson team member Rob Quayle said the company had been experimenting with ageing beers in a variety of casks during the past 12 months.

“We’ve done a few seasonal beers in cabernet sauvignon barrels and in whisky barrels from a local distillery,” he said.

“The Skuttle Butt has been aged in both gin and cabernet sauvignon barrels which gives it a really interesting smell and taste.”

Mr Quayle said the brewers also added some locally grown plums and nectarines into the mix.

“It has a wonderful fruity smell to it, but the flavour is much more complex than that,” he said.

“You get the bitterness from the gin come through with the wine and the locally grown hops.

“We only transferred it to the fermentation tanks on Monday and we should have it in kegs and cans on Wednesday and Thursday.”

A quick independent visual and olfactory assessment of the new brew that was sitting at a relatively light 4.1 per cent before canning confirmed a drop that was light in colour and surprisingly fruity smelling.

Mr Quayle said support for Wilson Brewing Company had skyrocketed in recent months and had triggered an expansion in storage and distribution.

“We’re producing three times the amount that we were last year,” he said.

“We’ve entered in to a few competitions this year and done pretty well,” he said.

“Our Rough Seas pale ale got a silver medal at the Perth Royal Beer awards recently and we got silver and bronze for our packaging and design.

“We also got People’s Choice too. We went up for the beer and came back with the medals.”

“We wouldn’t have got here if it wasn’t for the amazing support we’ve received from locals and from people enjoying our beer outside of the Great Southern.”