William Bay gets the green light

By Michael Roberts | posted on November 19, 2020

NATURE  hotspots  Elephant  Rocks  and  Greens  Pool  were  officially opened back up to the public  on  Tuesday  afternoon  for the first time since February as a significant revamp of William  Bay  National  Park  nears completion.

There is still some work to be done on the $4.4 million project, but most of the major upgrades are  finished    albeit  after  two  separate delays.

The  COVID-19  pandemic  pushed  back  the  reopening  to  August  before  particularly heavy  rainfall  further  delayed  construction.

Stage one and two of the State Government-led  project  were  supposed  to  be  completed  by July.

Shire of Denmark Acting CEO David  Schober  said  it  was important  for  local  Denmark  businesses to have the national park open once again.

“It  will  be  a  huge  boost  to  local businesses to have William Bay  National  Park  open  again as this is a premier destination when visiting the south coast,” he said.

“While  retail  and  hospitality  have  been  strong  in  recent months due to extra visitors to the  region  the  iconic  Greens  Pool will enhance trade further and  is  much  loved  by  local  residents.”

The new design has doubled the number of parking bays to 200, while newly sealed roads, toilet  blocks,  picnic  tables  and  bicycle  racks  aim  to  make  the tourist  mecca  a  more  visitor-friendly destination.

It’s  estimated  the  park receives 300,000 visits each year.

“These upgrades will enhance the visitor experience in the park  that  is  both  an  environmental  treasure  and  tourism  asset  for Western  Australia,”  Environment Minister Stephen Dawson said.

Mr Dawson said the next stage of the renewal project is now underway and will include upgrading  access  paths  to  beaches  and design and construction of new lookouts and installation of interpretative signage.

Meanwhile,  Lights  Beach  will  be  off  limits  to  the  public  until at  least  the  end  of  June  next  year  after upgrade works started on Wednesday. 

The $700,000 redevelopment includes a new car park, toilet block, seating and signage.

Local contractor Nigel Palmer Earthmoving was awarded the tender.