Wild Walpole focus of display

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on October 6, 2020

PERTH illustrator Malcolm Lindsay has exhibited his latest collection of colourful abstract landscapes in Walpole over the past few weeks.

Wood Water Walpole will be on display at Petrichor Gallery until October 18 and present Lindsay’s interpretation of Walpole and surrounds.

Lindsay exhibited at Petrichor when it first opened and was keen to exhibit solo this month.

“The theme of the exhibition was obvious when I asked myself, why was I exhibiting in Walpole?” he said.

“The answer was that the whole reason to be in Walpole at all was to immerse myself into the isolation and pristine, natural environment, so it had to be Walpole landscapes.”

Lindsay said the ‘lure’ of the wild Walpole environment had brought him back to the area many times over the years.

“Thinking about what makes Walpole so enticing, I’d have to say it’s the isolation and topography,” he said.

“The trees, water and hills.”

Lindsay has worked as a commercial artist and illustrator for his entire adult career and exhibited at multiple galleries.

He has worked previously with pastels and printmaking but now focuses on acrylics.

His work ranges from representational to abstract.

“The proudest moment of the exhibition for me was seeing all the work hung thoughtfully, in its own space, for the first time,” Lindsay said of Wood Water Walpole.

“This is when you can truly appreciate the cohesive message of the exhibition … this is Walpole!”