Eagles fly into Flinders

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on March 16, 2018

FLINDERS PARK students got a surprise visit from AFL legends on Tuesday as part of the West Coast Eagles’ school tour promoting wellbeing.

Ex-North Melbourne superstar-turned-Eagle Drew Petrie watched on from the sidelines of the school assembly area with a grin, as students bounced in their seats awaiting the presentation to start.

The students’ excited chirping continued as they joined West Coast Eagles community development officer Bradd Dalziell in chanting Rick the Rock’s name, to coax him out from the stage curtains and on to the stage.

Mr Dalziell led an engaging discussion on physical, emotional and social wellbeing, with Rick the Rock providing just the right amount of cheeky entertainment to keep the kids focused.

During Petrie’s question time, he confirmed that local Albany boy Declan Mountford had made a great start to his career with North Melbourne, having played alongside him for a year.

“He’s really hard working and he’s very professional,” he said of Mountford.

“He’s someone you can trust too, which is a great trait to have.”

The West Coast Eagles will face Sydney Swans at Optus Stadium for their first match of the season on March 25.