Watt creating cultural gems

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on September 11, 2020

AFTER a doll she crafted featured in children’s television show Play School, Albany artist Kiya Watt decided to further promote her culture through the creation of her own jewellery line.

The Kiya Watt Collection currently features four main earring templates based on the Yourran (blue tongue lizard), the Yakan (long- neck turtle), the Kwilena (dolphin) and the Norrin (snake).

Watt’s jewellery will be crafted from sheoak wood, acrylic mirror, silver and gold and manufactured in Albany.

“My jewellery range is reflective of me and my cultural identity,” Watt said.

“Being a Menang Gnudju Noongar woman, I felt it was important to represent this and make them culturally appropriate.”

Watt hopes her brand can inspire Indigenous children in her community to pursue their dreams.

“I want Aboriginal children to see that anything is possible,” she said.

“When I was younger, society made me feel as though I was branded to be a failure, so after Play School featured my art, I felt it was my responsibility to build my brand and try becoming successful and learn new skills to be a good role model in my community.”

The Kiya Watt Collection will be available for purchase soon online at kiyawatt.com.au but for now, people interested can find updates on the Kiya Watt Aboriginal Artist Facebook page.