Truck Driver nods off

By Michael Roberts | posted on January 14, 2021

A FATIGUED truck driver who veered onto the wrong side of the road on Albany Highway has been slapped with a $1700 fine for dangerous driving.

Veteran truckie Slobodan Markovic, who pleaded guilty to the charge in Albany Magistrates Court last Thursday, was caught on camera in October nodding off at the wheel during a round trip from Perth to Denmark.

Mr Markovic was driving a Volvo Prime Mover carrying an empty fuel tanker when he intermittently drifted across solid white lines on Albany Highway and narrowly avoided collisions with oncoming traffic.

The 38-year-old’s defence lawyer said Mr Markovich usually drove night shifts but took on a day shift because one of his colleagues had called in sick.

The lawyer said Mr Markovich’s employer, Atlas Fuel, should never have asked him to fill in at last min- ute when he hadn’t had enough rest.

Mr Markovich got behind the wheel after just five hours sleep, the court was told.

The defence council said Mr Markovich deeply regretted his decision and wouldn’t drive in such a state again, arguing for a spent conviction.

But that application was denied by Magistrate Raelene Johnston.

“It’s dangerous driving on the higher end of the scale,” she said.

“It’s unfortunately all too common.”