That’s a rap

By Anthony Probert | posted on August 24, 2017

YOU get the feeling when there is a barricade set up in front of the stage for any gig that things are going to get hectic.

After zig-zagging through regional WA with his Two Degrees tour and covering thousands of miles to come and see his Albany fans, Aussie rapper Illy did not disappoint at the White Star Hotel on Saturday night.

Sure, the barricade gave those weak-at-the-knees fans that got in early something to lean on when he took to the stage, but fortunately things only got a little bit hectic as friends and foes came together and just got on with enjoying the show.

There is no doubt we should think ourselves lucky to catch head-lining acts like Illy as they rise to prominence and follow the pull of international gigs, making these regional jaunts fewer and farther between.

And it seemed the crowd, spanning at least two generations, agreed, as they crammed into the back room of the White Star, with a lucky few finding a corner to themselves.

While the opening riff of Illy’s first big commercial breakthrough Tightrope got the noise it deserved from the crowd, it was a surprise to find just how many of his songs have infiltrated the airwaves.

And just when you thought the party was over and he might be looking for a quick exit, the humble rapper from Frankston took the time to greet each one of the long line of fans who were keen to pose and post after the gig.

The sight of half a dozen fans riding on shoulders to gain a better vantage point during the performance was proof enough that there is a thirst for these kind of acts in Albany.

Whatever the venue and whatever the act, let’s hope that this kind of support for live music continues to build.