New nature playground to stimulate creativity

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on May 1, 2020

LOCKYER Community Kindergarten students certainly had something to report at Show and Tell this week, with a brand-new nature playground waiting for them after the school holidays.

The three-week construction by South Coast Nature Play was completed last week and builder James McLean said the design had been determined by the existing trees in the play area.

The new playground includes a lookout, tree fort, a rope and pulley system, talking tubes on interconnected decks and a pirate ship.

“It’s based on a circuit – kids love doing laps,” Mr McLean said.

“We deliberately use, for example, uneven branches for the ladders, which helps kids make healthy risk assessments.

“It’s amazing to watch the kids – they are more mindful of their play and use their imaginations, which leads to building common sense.”

Mr McLean said adventure and nature play was relevant now more than ever, with a lot of children stuck inside and at home during social isolation.

“A lot of common sense in children is sadly lacking,” he said.

“It isn’t something formally taught and it’s drained by screens.

“Hopefully, this will get the kids back outside when they can.”