Sawyer’s bronze age

By Ian Beeck | posted on June 28, 2020

PORONGURUP artist Larry Sawyer is candidly refreshing, does not mince words and labels himself a traveller in arts and crafts.

“You won’t get much arty-farty talk from me as I am a worker in all disciplines,” Sawyer begins.

“I won’t wear silk cravats or attend art meetings or groups. I just do my thing.”

Having no trade qualifications but self-belief, he started woodwork with a view to selling his products, and now after 30 years has built himself a sound economic unit working from home.

Sawyer also sells watercolour paintings and promised that when he got older he would investigate deeper into traditional arts.

“So on retiring at a overproof age, I taught myself bronze casting,” he said.

“This followed a period of resin casting, as I thought ingot bronze unobtainable.

“I have now built a studio workshop if people care to visit.

“Sales are unimportant as this is a collection of my work, however there is a donation box to help me continue.

“Most of monetary input has come from success at local level, such as Art in the Park.

“The awards came fairly quickly giving me enormous confidence to plunge in.

“I have also a small display of traditional oil paintings focusing on portrait works.”