Sausage meet

By Grace Jones | posted on July 13, 2017

ALBANY’S Italian community continued its annual sausage- making tradition on the weekend.

People from all walks of life got up to their elbows in diced beef and pork, with some making the journey from Esperance, Gnowangerup, Tambellup and Denmark.

Long-time member of the Albany Italian Club Michael Martelotta said that around 40 people attended the event.

“Everything went really well,” he said.

“We had Italians wanting to make sausages the way their forefathers would have made them, and we had dinky-di Aussies wanting a master class in sausage making.”

Mr Martelotta said the day was all about the community and getting everyone to bond over sausages.

After two days and more than 500kg of meat later, the contributors made chorizo sausages for the resident Spaniards, northern and southern Italian style sausages and Puglia style sausages.

According to Mr Martelotta, there are different processes and ingredients for the humble sausage that usually depend on the region they’re from.

“Northern and southern types of sausage are filled and tied differently,” he said.

“Some can be tied as long as 20cm, and others can be shorter like regular sausages.”

Everyone who rolled up their sleeves to help walked away with their share in the goods, with many returning to buy any leftovers.

“We had people buying anywhere from three kilos of sausages to 15kg,” Mr Martelotta said.

“It’s a dying culture. We need to remember how to make things fresh and from scratch.”

The Albany Italian Club has three major events a year, with their annual Club Ball being held on August 26.

To keep up with any Albany Italian Club events, you can follow them on their Facebook page.