Vandalism hits vulnerable

By Grace Jones | posted on July 28, 2018

ALBANY’S most vulnerable families were dealt a blow this week when $500 worth of food was spoiled at the Salvation Army in an act of senseless vandalism.

The Albany corps of the charity organisation had its electrical meter box tampered with and mains power switched off sometime during the weekend.

Albany Corp Major Paul Beardsley said a volunteer was dropping off a donation on Monday night, when it was discovered the power was off and the fridge and freezer had thawed out.

“As a result, all of the bread, pies, pasties, sausage rolls and the like were spoiled and we had to throw it all away,” he said.

“It would have been around $500 worth of food which was enough to feed 100 people for two or three days.

“A jar of peanut butter and a few loaves of bread go a long way for a family that’s going hungry.”

He said the large freezer in their aid centre was usually full to the brim, but now lies completely empty.

“It’s demoralising to have this happen,” he said.

“Our staff and volunteers are trying to make a difference and support the Albany community. People have suffered because of this.”

It’s not all doom and gloom however, with the Lions Club of Albany offering to help restock until the large bread delivery that is expected for tomorrow evening.

“We got a call from Lions on Wednesday morning asking if they could help us fill the freezer from their own freezers,” he said.

“The Albany community is amazingly generous in times of need.”