Ruby shines bright

By Grace Jones | posted on November 2, 2018

SEVEN-year-old Ruby Robertson will be laid to rest on Monday after losing a life-long battle with illness.

The avid Wiggles fan was diagnosed with Dandy-Walker Syndrome and epilepsy after undergoing surgery for a disconnected and twisted bowel at two years of age, but never let her health issues slow her down until the very end.

In a difficult text message to send, The Weekender contacted Ruby’s mum Tamara Drew to extend condolences to her family and to share her memories, having first met Ruby a year ago.

Despite her grief, Ms Drew obliged.

“Ruby was full of courage, strength and sheer determination,” she replied.

“She loved her life, her school, her family and the Wiggles very much.

“Finding joy was always on the top of her list.

“We feel privileged to have walked beside her along this journey.”

A post on the Team Ruby Facebook page made a simple request for friends and family for a play and a party at Eyre Park on Monday following the service at Amity Rose Funeral Home.

“Please, request the day off, keep your kids home from school, chuck a sickie – whatever it takes,” dad James Robertson posted.

“We want as many people as possible to help us celebrate and remember this girl’s incredible life.

“We want this town to grind to a halt as we pay tribute to this most incredible child, and bask in the glorious light that she shines upon us all.

“Ruby would not have wanted it any other way.”

Ms Drew said the family was grateful for the love and support they had received from the community.

Weekender readers first met Ruby this time last year (‘Making the mis- sion easier’, 19 October 2017) when her family reciprocated support from Ronald McDonald House, which had assisted with the countless stays in Perth for medical appointments.

Ms Drew described Ruby as “an absolute battler” who “just loves her life”.

“The way she lives is just beautiful,” she said.

The family said there will be the opportunity to donate to several charities and organisations that have helped them along the way at Monday’s service.