Roundabout safety trial

By Charlotte Wooldridge | posted on June 27, 2020

A ROUNDABOUT that has received plenty of attention in the past due to the unusual amount of accidents associated with it is receiving a safety trial after another vehicle lost control at the location in April.

Mainroads WA confirmed that since December 2019 there has been a total of five crashes at the intersection of North Road and Campbell Road, with information about crashes that occurred in 2020 not available until next year.

Of these five incidents,two required medical attention, two involved major property damage totalling more than $3000 and one involved minor property damage under $3000.

The City of Albany will be making four safety enhancements to the location in consultation with Main Roads, Western Power and the Albany Roadwise Safety Committee.

White road paint and glass bead reflective coating will be applied to the kerbing on the corner of North and Campbell roads, and applied to the inner arc of the roundabout itself.

Seven red retroreflective raised pavement markers will be placed along Campbell Road to face oncoming traffic and an old driveway on Campbell Road will be closed and replaced with new kerbing.

A city spokesperson said permanent solid forms of protection were explored for the area through the consultation period but were considered by all agencies to be a larger hazard for vehicles, posing a greater risk to road users.

City of Albany Executive Director Infrastructure, Development and Environment Paul Camins said the safety trial was essential to prevent and minimise any risks at the intersection.

“We have worked with agencies to consider a range of safety options that will protect both drivers and pedestrians that use this particular road network and have reached an outcome that aims to save lives” he said.