Rex airfare hike

By Chris Thomson | posted on February 8, 2019

REX plans to raise the price of its $128.91 community fare between Albany and Perth by $10 from March 1 – 16 months earlier than it agreed it would.

The regional airline has approached the City of Albany requesting approval of a new $139 fare, and City governance and risk manager Stuart Jamieson has recommended his political masters approve the new fare.

Mr Jamieson’s recommendation comes after Rex told the City it could not sustain the current fare, set for three years on July 1, 2017.

Mr Jamieson advises that an alternative option would be for councillors to “reject” Rex’s request “noting the City … entered in to a three- year agreement …”.

“The City entered this agreement in good faith and in collaboration both parties agreed to include the requirement to provide a community fare on the Albany route at the set price,” Mr Jamieson continued.

“As part of the current agreement, the City also agreed to fix the Rex Airport fees and charges (with CPI indexation) for the duration of the contract period.”

In 2017/18, Rex transported 29,144 passengers from Perth to Albany, and carried 29,362 people the other way. The 58,506 passengers carried was up on the three financial years prior.

Rex’s planned fare rise will be considered by a City committee on February 12.