Rewards for staying dry

By Charlotte Wooldridge | posted on November 19, 2020

DENMARK  Police  are  partnering  up  with  the  Shire of Denmark Road Wise  Committee  to  encourage  safe  driving  from young people in the community.

This  will  be  the  fourth  year of the Sober Super Heroes campaign which rewards  young  drivers  for blowing 0.00 at random breath tests.

Drivers  can  receive  an  immediate  prize  of  a  voucher  from  a  local  Denmark business, and will also get the opportunity to answer a couple of  questions  and  go  in  the  draw  for  the  grand prize of a swag.

Denmark  Police  Station  Officer  in  Charge  Sergeant  Matt  Hartfield  said the community had backed  the  campaign  from the start.

“The  feedback  actually  doesn’t  just  come  from  the  people  driving their cars or getting the rewards,” he said.

“It  comes  from  their  families,  it  comes  from the business people that are getting people into their stores, and it comes from community members who say it’s a  good  idea  that  we’re  not just out there writing tickets.

“The conversation has started, and it has a good flow-on effect.

“We’re  trying  to  keep he roads safe and support the community in an initiative like this.”

In 2018, 63 per cent of alcohol related fatalities were in regional WA and 22 per cent of fatally injured  drivers  and  riders  tested positive to one or more illicit substances.

“We wanted to reward the  good  choices  that  young people make, and local  businesses  were really happy to come on board with the program,” Sgt Hartfield said.