Skids and spools at Racewars

By Grace Jones | posted on March 9, 2018

DESPITE mixed conditions for racing at the second annual Racewars event, more than 500 drivers and their cars descended on the Albany Airport over the long weekend.

With a mixed showing of Japanese imports, supercars, American muscle and Australia classics, crowds were wowed with displays of speed and the sound of spooled-up turbos.

Racewars veteran Ed Tassone came out on top of the event with a mind-blowing 334.9km/h registered in his 2006 HSV GTO.

Current Australian outright land speed record holder Rosco McGlashan and his 1.2 tonne Banshee J34 Westinghouse jet dragster also made an appearance over the weekend.

To finish off the weekend racers and spectators filled the White Star Hotel for an awards ceremony and to burn off some steam before heading home.