Sailing club jetty planks out to sea

By Michael Roberts | posted on May 29, 2020

ALBANY’s Princess Royal Sailing Club (PRSC) suffered thousands of dollars worth of damage to one of its jetties as remnants of ex-tropical cyclone Manga reaped havoc across the Great Southern this week.

When the Weekender visited the sailing club in the aftermath of the storm, big bunches of seaweed were drying out on the jetty planks as seafarers inspected damages to their vessels.

PRSC Facilities Director Harold Keay, who kept a close eye on the extreme weather event, said it was the worst storm he had seen for a few years.

Lashing winds tested the strength of boat moorings and rough seas flooded the jetty, resulting in about $15,000 to $20,000 worth of damage, according to Mr Keay.

“We assume all the planks are out in the ocean somewhere,” he said.

“Someone will probably find them washed up on the beach.”

Mr Keay said the sailing club would use the remnants of other jetties to restore the existing one back to a full bill of health.