Possum pouches a perfect re-purpose

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on February 6, 2020

MORE than 30 pouches for baby possums and sugar gliders were handmade by a group of Albany crafters last week in response to the east coast’s cry out for help in protecting wildlife from the devastating bushfires.

Julie Crowe and Rachel Pontin were two of seven people who participated in a Refashion Session at Green Skills with the aim of helping injured wildlife.

The monthly session gives people the opportunity to reuse discarded materials to create new things, and this time, it was to make pouches for injured possums and sugar gliders.

The group made 33 pouches in two hours and sent the pouches to NSW this week.

“My daughter said she felt compelled to help the wildlife,” Ms Crowe said.

“We did a bit of research and found out that WIRES (Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service) was screaming out for sugar glider and possum pouches.

“We put it to the group, and everyone jumped on board.”

Ms Crowe had learned that during the fires, sugar gliders had begun dropping their babies accidentally over the fires due to disorientation.

The handmade pouches would be used as make-shift pouches for rescued animals.

“It’s empowering for the women because they are learning new skills as well as helping the environment, both by helping the wildlife and keeping materials out of landfill,” Ms Pontin said.

“We have monthly meets for the Refashion Sessions and it’s really the people who come along who decide what we make.

“So if more people want to make pouches, we have the patterns here that they can use.”

The next session will be on February 24, 6-8pm at the back of Green Skills Albany on Graham Street.