Pony club wins award for taking healthy way

By David Kavanagh | posted on January 31, 2020

ALBANY Pony Club have taken out top honours in a competition encouraging healthy lifestyles at pony clubs across the state.

The organisation was recognised for winning Healthway and Pony Club WA’s Go for 2&5 Canteen Competition at an award night earlier this month.

Tanya Sprigg, who has acted as Club Canteen Manager for the past two years, said she was “really, really happy” with the win and looking forward to seeing if the group could top it this year.

“We’re just trying to get the kids used to eating fresh and healthy food, especially because Albany has such great, local produce on offer,” she said.

“Kids eat so much junk food these days, there’s so much advertising on TV, and while that’s okay sometimes, most of the time you’ve got to bring out the healthy stuff.

“We’re trying to show them, as all schools are nowadays, that healthy food means a healthy body and a healthy mind.”

As part of the contest, clubs had to recreate dishes from a 2&5 cookbook sent out by competition organisers.

They also had to demonstrate how they implemented and plan to maintain healthy menu items.

Ms Sprigg said fruit and salad were popular at the canteen during the hot and dusty summer months, while nutritious soups accompanied “the easier stuff like pies” in winter.

Healthway CEO Susan Hunt PSM said the organisation and Pony Club WA worked to promote the benefits of eating plenty of fruit and vegetables daily.

“These competitions are fantastic ways to inform clubs about how to have a healthy lifestyle, while motivating them to create healthier environments for children and young people,” she said.

Albany Pony Club received 2&5 merchandise and a $250 supermarket gift card for its win.

Woodbridge Horse and Pony Club and Peel Metropolitan Horse and Pony Club placed second and third respectively.