One, two, flea, go

By Grace Jones | posted on September 13, 2019

ALBANY pet owners are being urged to start checking their four-legged friends for parasites as warmer weather approaches.

With the change in seasons from winter to spring, parasites like fleas and ticks are starting to come out of hibernation.

Albany Petbarn Store Manager Kristy Friemer said parasites that are not treated can cause potentially fatal illnesses such as tick paralysis and heartworm disease.

“We strongly encourage Albany locals to come down and speak to our expert staff about the most appropriate prevention treatment for their furry friend so they can enjoy the warm weather together this spring,” she said.

Ms Friemer said parasite prevention was a critical part of pet ownership and needed to be the responsibility of all pet parents.

“If left untreated, fleas, ticks, and worms can have serious impacts on pet’s health,” she said.

“While most parasites cause mild irritations for your pet, we’re urging Albany pet owners to constantly check on their pet and take action if they notice any change in their behaviour or health.

“If your pet is living with a parasite, sooner or later you will see physical symptoms which can impact your pet’s health or comfort.”

Symptoms of present parasites can include weight loss, change in appetite or water consumption and panting.

Ms Friemer said her team at Petbarn Albany could help pet owners choose what product would best suit their pet to help prevent parasites harming their beloved pooches or feline friends.