Novel idea features local writers

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on January 30, 2020

NEARLY a quarter of a new fiction book released this month was written by a group of Albany and Denmark authors.

Once: A selection of short short stories was published on January 18 and features stories written by Matt Beamish, Yann Toussaint, Ellie Fisher, Mark Hackleton, Rachel Isaacson, Izzy Mead and Bronwyn Jones.

The book was created by Perth-based Night Parrot Press who put the call out to authors last year to submit their flash fiction, micro fiction and hybrid fiction.

These genres constrain the author to writing no more than 500 words – to give you an idea, this news story is just under 300 words.

There will be a celebration at Six Degrees tonight from 5-7pm to commemorate the launch of the book, as well as a Flash Fiction Workshop on Saturday, February 1.

Night Parrot Press editors and publishers Laura Keenan and Linda Martin will teach people how to write big stories in less than 500 words.

“We feel a particular affinity for Albany; there’s such a talented pool of writers there, and a very supportive and enthusiastic literary community,” Keenan said.

“There is already so much great fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction that comes out of Albany and now it’s really exciting to be able to work with another genre – flash fiction.

“Flash fiction continues to gain momentum in WA and the rest of Australia, but it’s still a relatively new form, so we’re hoping to share its charms and challenges through workshops like these and future publications and readings.”

The Flash Fiction Workshop will be held at UWA Albany from 9.30am to noon and is a ticketed event.

Interested people can book online at