Cartoonist draws on creating joy

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on September 29, 2020

WALPOLE is the latest inspiration for a new cartoon series created by recent addition to town Nathan Vass Viney.

Inspired by the Walpole Weekly’s call for content assisting its identity, and a dream to make it into the papers, Mr Viney began creating his weekly Walpole Kids comic.

He said his main aim with the comic is to keep it silly, friendly, relatable and hopefully sometimes funny.

“Creating something from nothing is a joy for any artist, I feel, as well as channelling real life situations, emotions and locations into my cartoons,” Mr Viney said.

“I feel super lucky to be able to share my silly work to the people of Walpole and those who want to read it.”

Beginning his craft back in primary school, Mr Viney’s love of drawing turned into a full-time passion, studying moving image and animation in the UK , working on three seasons of BBC children’s show Little Howard’s Big Question, releasing a short children’s comic Tomothy and the Time Travel Shoes and creating Doctor Who related online animations.

His first ever character, Tomothy, was borne on a school lunch break and has remained a part of Mr Viney’s character list ever since.

Mr Viney is enjoying his new life in Walpole after moving to the area with his partner five months ago.

It has enabled him to further expand his creative horizons.

“If Walpole Kids were to continue for the long run, I’d love to add more personalities to the three lead characters, some interconnected story strips and perhaps some educational moments along the way,” Mr Viney said.

“Once there are enough comics, I’d love to print a Walpole Kids book for any fans to have.

“I love to find ways to inspire upcoming cartoonists.”

You can check out Mr Viney’s Walpole-inspired cartoons online at