Wildflower fun in bush school yard

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on November 21, 2020

MOUNT Manypeaks Primary students participated in a Wildflower Incursion on Tuesday.

Conducted by Sylvia Leighton with special guests Jane and Bill Thompson – both members of the Friends of Fitzgerald River National Park – the school-based activity session was a special ‘getting to know your wildflowers’ program.

The program aimed to engage and excite children about the natural environment, and included a guided bushwalk and the collection of nuts from native plant species.

Students were taught how to extract the seed out of the nuts for them to grow at school.

“As a whole school we went on a bush walk with Sylvia, Jane and Bill; they showed us the native flowers unique to Western Australia in the area and we learnt the different scientific names of the flowers as well,” Year 6 student Katelyn said.

“We also learnt that plants can reproduce by either dropping the seeds or by allowing new plants to shoot from the roots of pre-established plants, and that some flowering plants can look the same but originate from a different species,” Year 6 student Jayde added.

“During our bush walk, we also found various yate flowers in different stages of their lifecycle, which allowed us to piece together a virtual timeline of the flower lifecycle.”

The day concluded with students participating in various group activities that involved analysing the plant species under the lens of a microscope and participating in a drawing workshop.