Picnic table panic abated

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on November 9, 2018

AN ALBANY city official has assured Middleton Beach goers the landmark green picnic tables near Ellen Cove will remain in situ when the foreshore receives a multi-million dollar facelift, despite a render of the new look not including them.

A landscape plan containing new artist’s impressions of the foreshore was due to be considered by a City of Albany committee last night before a final decision by the full council at a later date.

The plan shows a render of the foreshore that displays tiered grassed terraces where picnic benches currently reside.

The render does not include the green timber picnic tables that have been at the beach for years.

But a City spokesperson told The Weekender the tables would not be removed.

“A summary of the design approach on page three of the … plan clarifies the retention of the Norfolk Pine trees, established grassed areas, grassed terraces and Ellen Cove Jetty to maintain the foreshore’s existing usage and character … and additional grassed terraces to create an amphitheatre overlooking the beach environment,” he said.

“Further, the diagram on page five of the plan reinforces this, clearly showing the existing terraces and existing trees and the area that will feature new terraces.

“This diagram is a more accurate representation of the proposed layout of the existing and new terraced areas.”

The spokesperson also said woodcarver Darrel Radcliffe’s new tree carving, unveiled last month in the picnic table area, would not be affected by the redevelopment.

The spokesperson said the current renders were only concept plans.