Love conquers all

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on February 14, 2020

AN EVENING at square dancing in Victoria was where the love story of Albany retirees Allan and Doris Brown began nearly 70 years ago.

The couple has seen more of history than most people, born at the end of World War I and during the golden decade of the “roaring” 1920s.

After 18 months together, they decided to marry in Rochester, Victoria in 1954.

Doris, now 102 years old, and 96-year-old Allan reflected fondly and cheekily on their 66 years of marriage with the Weekender.

“We were going to be married in the Presbyterian church, but the minister had a heart attack the night before,” Mr Brown said.

“So we ended up getting married in the Methodist church.

“I remember it was a wet day, very wet – they threw confetti on our car, it was a Dodge car, and it was so wet that the confetti stained the car!

“When we sold it years later, it had coloured stripes on it.”

After 14 years of marriage, the Browns decided to move their young family to Albany to live and started farming.

Now, with their children in their 60s and with not quite enough energy to maintain a working farm, Mr and Mrs Brown call Clarence Estate in Spencer Park home.

They don’t have any plans for Valentine’s Day this year – in fact, when asked whether they would celebrate it, Mrs Brown’s eyeroll was quite amusing – as they have never really made a big deal out of the event.

They are more than happy to spend tomorrow like any other day – Mr Brown tending to the gardens and looking after the birds, and Mrs Brown relaxing in her favourite armchair.