Indigenous fashion set to hit LA

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on March 12, 2020

ALBANY artist Kiya Watt has been selected to represent Australia at Los Angeles Fashion Week 2020.

Ms Watt is part of a team representing Deadly Denim, a WA company promoting Indigenous artwork on denim clothing, and will head to the United States in October.

She participated in Perth Fashion Week with Deadly Denim and said she was approached to take things internationally after that.

“To get a platform like this is quite big,” Ms Watt said.

“It’s so amazing – I’m really excited.”

Ms Watt, a Menang Noongar person, wants to use the opportunity to showcase her culture to the rest of the world as well as teach global fashionistas about Indigenous art style.

While her pieces for LA Fashion Week are still in the early concept stage, she has already found a bit of inspiration from other artworks she has created previously.

“I really want American people to see our Noongar culture,” Ms Watt said.

“Our art and clothes can act as a conversation starter into what it means to be an Indigenous person in Australia … it’s really important that we are given these opportunities as Indigenous people so we can show our culture worldwide.”

The WA group heading to L A is raising money through crowd funding to help finance their trip.