Smooth ride for first day

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on February 7, 2019

THE first day back at school went pretty smoothly for Little Grove Primary students Liesel Freebury and Darcy Griffith on Monday, once Darcy found his classroom.

The pre-primary student said he thought he was still in kindergarten and went through the wrong door.

“I thought my friend Hudson was in there but it was the wrong one,” the grinning tot said.

This year marks Darcy’s first full-time year at school, having completed kindy at Little Grove last year.

He is looking forward to playing with blocks and being with his friends.

On the other side of the school, Liesel is entering her final year of primary school and is excited for the future.

She “really likes” school and highly values her education.

“School is quite important to me,” Liesel said.

“I like to learn things because you need to know things to get around.”

Liesel was happy to see her friends again and plans to have lots of fun in her final year before embarking on her high school journey.

She thinks she’ll miss her teachers the most when she leaves, but is looking forward to extracurricular activities such as woodwork when she starts year seven.

Principal Darryn Martin said the 178-student school’s biggest cohort this year is the year six group, with 30 students.

One new teacher has joined the staff and there are seven classes in total.

Mr Martin said everything has been smooth sailing so far.

“One of our focus areas this year is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics),” he said.

“We have our STEM Club on Wednesday afternoons where the kids can learn more about things such as robotics, especially with the technology grant we received.

“We also received a CBH grant for an outdoor classroom/shelter, which we hope will be done by the end of term one.

“Darcy’s mum is an architect so she’s drawing it up, and Liesel’s mum is a landscaper, so she will be helping too.

“We’re a very family-orientated school.”

Term one will wrap up on April 12 for a two-week break before students return on April 29.