Bar licence for lodge

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on August 9, 2019

SMALL country town nightlife just got a bit groovier with a Kendenup accommodation site successfully obtaining a bar licence.

Kendenup resident Jane Robinson and her husband took over the reins of Kendenup Lodge and Cottages 18 months ago after the previous owners thought they did a better job of relief caretaker work than the employed caretaker.

Seeing their fellow townspeople driving past into Mt Barker and Albany for a meal on week- ends got the couple thinking and inspired them to revamp the lodge.

“We started cooking here on Friday and Saturday nights,” Ms Robinson said.

“We do things like chicken parmigiana, pizza, fish and chips… we’re by no means chefs but people seem to keep coming back!”

The obvious next step for the pair was to start serving alcoholic drinks.

“It used to be BYO and people would bring their drinks in and we thought, we’re missing out here,” Ms Robinson said.

“Or, they’d have a meal here and go away for drinks.

“Now we’ve got our small bar licence, people can come here for a drink and a meal.”

The bar was officially opened last fortnight but Ms Robinson said ironically it was one of their worst nights of trade.

“I think we had about three people here,” she laughed.

“But I think people didn’t know and it was bad weather – people don’t want to go out again once they’re home.

“So hopefully, now they know, they’ll come here.”

Ms Robinson said there wasn’t anything quite like being in the bar and dining area on a cool evening.

“We have the fire going and we turn down the lights and just have the lamps on, so it’s really cosy; a great atmosphere,” she said.

Coming into the warmer months, Ms Robinson hopes to host regular live bands and an outdoor cinema.