Horror show crowd in stitches

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on May 12, 2018

DON’T feed the plants was the lesson theatre-goers took home on Friday night after the opening of Albany Light Opera and Theatre Company’s rendition of Little Shop of Horrors.

Based on the off-Broadway musical and subsequent 1986 horror comedy film, the storyline followed young florist assistant Seymour, who discovered a mysterious plant demanding human blood in order to grow.

After bending to the plant’s will and feeding him, Seymour battles his inner self and is forced to face the reality of the fame and fortune the plant gives him, while killing people to feed the plant.

Theatre debutant Graham Ayres was a stand-out element of the show voicing Audrey II, the killer plant.

His singing and dialogue made Audrey II come to life and become a powerful character in the show, despite only piping up for a couple of songs.

Tom Croucher proved his acting repertoire abilities playing young, bumbling Seymour, having previously played the more sombre Mr Banks in ALOTCo’s Mary Poppins production.

The knowing grin of Darian Le Page made him tick all the boxes playing cheeky dirtbag Orin Scrivello DDS, and his skit with Todd McGregor (Bernstein) left the crowd in stitches.

As usual, the ALOTCo crew ran a tight ship and performed a seemingly faultless night of entertainment.

Director Airell Hodgkinson and his team should be commended for their work in bringing Little Shop of Horrors to life.

Performances are running throughout May and tickets can be purchased online or in-store through Paperbark Merchants.