Green-thumbed grannies

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on January 6, 2018

HAVING their fellow Ingenia Gardens residents asking for more colour around the place prompted 92-year-old Esme Taylor and 99-year-old May Beach to get down and dirty and rebuild the estate’s gardens.

The pair have been at the Yakamia village for more than 10 years, and said they got straight to work on the gardens the moment they arrived.

Their efforts won Ingenia Gardens the City of Albany’s Business Garden of the Month Award for November.

“It’s just automatic for us,” Ms Taylor said of gardening.

“I had the shovel and I dug, and May planted.”

Ms Beach said when she first moved to Ingenia Gardens, there was not much to the gardens except lawn.

“We were all sitting together and some of the residents said they wanted some more colour around, so from then on, we gave them colour,” she said.

“We really transformed the garden; we’ve got fuchsias, hydrangeas, geraniums and day lilies.”

A quick turn around the garden reveals stunning pops of colour around every bend – all the handy work of Ms Taylor and Ms Beach.

With the occasional helping hand of the official resident gardener, Ms Taylor and Ms Beach today continue to keep their gardens fresh, neat and tidy.