Royals leap to victory

By Grace Jones | posted on June 13, 2019

ROYALS cemented their position as kings of the pack last Friday night after winning their Great Southern Football League derby match against Albany by 30 points.

For the first half of the match Royals were able to keep Sharks at bay with a comfortable 12-point lead.

Royals dropped the ball in the third quarter with Sharks kicking a blitzkrieg of points to cement a short-lived lead of seven points.

By the final siren Royals cemented their win 12.13 (85) to Sharks’ 8.7 (55).

Top kickers for Royals went to Hamish McMorran with three goals and Tyreice Brown with two goals with Sharks’ Taj Williams (3), Robert Lee (3) and Kieran Gowdie (2) scoring the highest kickers for the match.

Saturday’s match between Railways and Mount Barker had the Bulls running for the hills after a 65-point defeat.

Bulls’ John Lee (2), Jesse Wynne (2) and Dionne Woods put up an admirable fight but Rail- ways’ consistent goals gave them their sixth win for the season, 17.5 (107) to 5.12 (42).

Sunday’s match between Denmark-Walpole and North Albany was close with the Magpies coming out on top 12.9 (81) to 10.16 (76).

This weekend’s fixtures have Royals playing Railways on Saturday at Centennial Oval and Mount Barker playing Denmark Walpole at Sounness Park.

On Sunday, North Albany will play Albany at Collingwood Park.