Going solo in Mt Barker

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on May 27, 2018

PLANTAGENET artist Heather Roberts has avoided doing her housework for a month to make sure all her paintings are ready for the opening of her first solo exhibition this weekend.

Simply titled Going Solo, Roberts’ independent display will feature wildlife depictions in watercolour, acrylic, pastels, oils and mixed media, and will be set up in the Art Chatter Gallery at Strike Me Pink Garden Centre.

She told The Weekender she is often inspired by her travels when creating her artworks.

“I’m quite passionate about saving the animals and I love gardening; I’m a very keen gardener,” she said about her flora and fauna pieces.

“My husband and I volunteered in Africa at a wildlife park and at a Thailand elephant rescue place, plus we went to Japan, so I get a lot of influence from there.”

Roberts said despite having exhibited her work publicly for many years, she is nervous about going solo for the first time.

“It’s fairly nerve-wracking, there will be so many people looking at what’s mine,” she said.

“But it’s exciting too.

“I’ve got about 25 different paintings, a lot which I’ve done in the past month, so I haven’t done any housework!

“My husband has helped out a lot and looked after me; he’s been very supportive.”

Going Solo will officially open this Saturday at 2pm and be on show until June 29.