Get to grips with kids’ fears

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on November 18, 2017

FACING your fears is a learning curve children of all ages must face.

Josey Hurley’s latest children’s picture book tackles dealing with challenges and anxiety in a beautiful and subtle way, making it an ideal resource for parents and children trying to comprehend and deal with fear.

A psychologist by trade, Ms Hurley has utilised her many years of clinical experience to weave a tale of a French bulldog who is afraid of the ocean with lessons in how to overcome fears.

Max the Mighty is Ms Hurley’s first published book and she is excited to launch it at the Albany Public Library on December 1.

“Seeing the joy of the kids and seeing them connect with the story when it was in its first draft reassured me that it could be beneficial,” Ms Hurley said of her book.

“You need perseverance and belief in what you’re writing, and getting that feedback from the kids definitely encouraged me to continue.”

Ms Hurley believes Max the Mighty can aid as a starting point to schools when discussing fears and overcoming challenges and anxiety with students.

“It sits with the curriculum and can be a platform story for schools,” she said.

“When I was first putting the story together, I knew what I wanted the topic to be about, but I had to work out something children could relate to, and what the steps looked like when you overcome a fear.

“This book gives kids the opportunity to connect, especially with the illustrations. That’s why I wanted to work with an illustrator, because the illustrations are what really bring the words alive.”

Ms Hurley’s December 1 book launch will commence at 4.30pm and will include a reading of the story, refreshments, and an activities table to make your own dog mask.