Formal chinwag to last a lifetime

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on January 17, 2020

PERTH theatre platform Barefaced Stories is bringing a familiar yet new type of interactive experience to Albany this weekend for four days.

The Chin Wagon will roll into town on Sunday at the Albany Entertainment Centre and remain in situ until Wednesday, January 22.

It will offer people the chance to participate in The Story Exchange, a free interview session between two people that can last a lifetime – The Chin Wagon is a mobile story studio where people can interview a loved one and share a story with them, and it will be recorded.

Conversations will be based around love and loss.

“When we take the time to ask someone about their life, the things they’ve been through, highs and lows, and listen closely back to the stories they share, remarkable things can happen,” Producer Andrea Gibbs said.

“Sometimes they share stories we’ve never heard of before or we gain new insights into those we have, bringing us a greater understanding of who they really are.

“So much can be learned by the stories we have and the relationships we have shared.”

The Story Exchange interview is 40 minutes of conversation with someone you know and care about – a partner, a friend, a family member, a teacher or even a work colleague.

The Chin Wagon team will guide you through how to interview them, ask the right questions and listen closely so that your partner will respond in the best way possible, speaking from the heart.

The final conversation will be sent to participants in an audio package.

“Ask your grandfather, ‘What was the happiest moment of your life, Pop?’, or your mother, ‘Mum, what do you remember about the day I was born?’, or your brother, ‘Was there a time when you didn’t like me?’,” Ms Gibbs said.

“Choose just one person to come along with you and we’ll help you figure out a great list of questions for them.”

To take part in The Story Exchange inside The Chin Wagon, interviewers need to be available to attend a free workshop this Saturday, 10.30am to 12.30pm at the Albany Entertainment Centre, then book in for a recording session and attend at your designated time.

Sessions are offered on the hour between 11am and 6pm.

Bookings can be made online at