Duo over the moon at stage return

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on August 20, 2020

TWO-PIECE Albany band Flood the Moon will perform live for an audience for the first time since COVID-19 restrictions hit next weekend.

Relatively new to the local music scene, Flood the Moon officially formed in 2017 as a writing and recording project, comprising of Aaron Crosby and Caleb Drage.

After struggling to secure a permanent drummer, Crosby and Drage altered their approach to the band’s sound in 2019 and emerged as the Flood the Moon listeners hear today.

The relaxed groove vibe of the band’s latest hits is mesmerising and fans can expect more of this gorgeous sound on August 29 when Flood the Moon launches its latest single Diamond Sky at Six Degrees.

“We’ve been in writing and recording mode during COVID so that’s been fun but we’re itching to get back to the live stage,” Crosby said.

“We played a couple of stripped back live shows on social media during COVID which was cool but there’s nothing quite like actually playing live in front of people.

“We’re so keen.”

Crosby and Drage’s seamless melding of sounds is evidence of their strong musical connection celebrated for more than a decade, having played music together since school.

They formed their first official band after high school and haven’t looked back.

“I’ve always loved music more than just a fun hobby; I love writing and recording and booking gigs and playing shows anywhere I can,” Crosby said.

“I guess when you have a passion for something, the dream is to do it as successfully and as well as you can.

“For me, I’ve been trying to make it a full-time job ever since I can remember because that’s what I know I want to do.”

Flood the Moon’s genre cannot be placed in a single category, with Crosby describing his and Drage’s experience in creating music spanning heavy-alternative-rock, garage-pop, cover bands and atmospheric-prog-experimental to club-dance.

But the main aim of Flood the Moon now is to create positive, fun pop songs with “lyrics that come from personal experience, that hopefully most people can relate to”.

“Performing is one of the greatest feelings ever and being able to watch people really enjoy the music you play and love is one of the most satisfying feelings, it’s addictive,” Crosby said.

Catch Flood the Moon featuring Harry Foxton and Spacedive on August 29 at Six Degrees from 8pm.

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased online via EventBrite.