Final performance for kings of swing

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on November 29, 2019

THE curtain will fall on beloved Albany rock-and-roll and swing fixture Evan Ayres and The Swing Kings for the final time this weekend at a special farewell performance at Antonia’s Dance Studio.

The band has decided to call it quits as their tertiary commitments will soon take them away from Albany and each other.

But frontman Evan Ayres will keep the spirit of the band alive when he attends the WA Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) next year.

He reminisced on the band’s early days with the Weekender before revealing his big plans for the future.

“Originally it was me, Oliver and Bryce,” Ayres said.

“We were in the same year 9 music class and we liked rock and roll…there was a bit of John Paul Young in there…then when we were 16, we formed the eight-piece [band].”

The band proceeded to perform at six sold-out shows at Albany Port Theatre and released a full album.

Despite there being such high demand for them and consequential stress relating to performing so much, Ayres said there was no in-fighting.

“I think it’s because in the Swing Kings, it’s not a democracy, everyone just has to listen to me,” he laughed.

But forming the band has been one of Ayres’ proudest achievements, along with the relationships he has created along the way.

“The best bit is the connection you get as a group,” he said.

“It’s like nothing else.

“People say you become like a family and you wouldn’t think so, but you really do become a family.”

However, this family is heading in separate ways.

Some members are going to university, others to work, and some are travelling.

“No one was really keen on swing for a long-term career, except me,” Ayres said.

“Everyone’s going to do what they want to do.

“I’m going to WAAPA next year and I want to form a new Swing Kings there.”

Ayres’ plans go further than just recreating the band.

“I want to make another album and we’ll tour,” he said.

“We had people at the recent caravan show ask us to come over east to perform so we’ll head there first and then hopefully, America.

“I’d like to be the new Sinatra, maybe, so watch out Sinatra and Buble.”

The band’s final performance is booked for tomorrow at 7.30pm at Antonia’s Dance Studio.

Tickets are available from the Studio on Lockyer Avenue or by calling 0417 948 155.