Open to negotiation

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on August 23, 2018

A FRESH take on real estate is what residential sales manager Blair Scott is aiming for by incorporating the Openn Negotiation sales technique into his overall business strategy.

Mr Scott said Elders Real Estate is currently the only accredited agency in Albany able to use Openn Negotiation, a strategy he says brings the “best bits” of private treaties and auctions together when it comes to selling a property.

Openn Negotiation is a Western Australian-designed concept targeted specifically at the WA real estate market and gives a wider range of buyers the opportunity to bid on a property.

It takes the form of a mobile phone app and a website, in which potential buyers can view a property and make any bid they choose – the property is not listed with a price.

Mr Scott is keen for his agency to adapt the selling technique.

“Our first listing with Openn Negotiation was launched this week,” he said.

“The clients are excited to be the guinea pigs!

“We’ve had excellent response from our auctions, so we think this is a really good next step.”

Mr Scott thought the timing of the new sales approach was suitable for the current climate, and reiterated the necessity of proper planning in a tough market.

“Everyone knows things are a bit tight at the moment,” he said.

“So you really need a strategic approach when selling your property.

“We think the four-week campaign of an Openn Negotiation sale suits the market well.”

Mr Scott said the method is beneficial to both buyers and sellers.

“Openn Negotiation gives buyers the opportunity to get a good price, it’s easy to get involved with and they can see what other people are bidding,” he said.

“For sellers, they have a better chance of getting a good price by condensing the sale process and putting people in a competitive situation.

“It’s transparent for the buyer, seller and agent.”

The first Elders property utilising the Openn Negotiation technique can be viewed on page 23 and 24 of today’s Weekender.