Deep diving down south

By Deanna Corrieri | posted on February 17, 2021

IF YOU are looking to dive into Albany’s underwater world and see a bit of history, then get your scuba gear on and jump into two must-see dive sites.

Named after an old mainland communications cable, which ran across island to island and was cut and fell into the sea, The Cables dive site is a magical maze of bommies and coral walls.

Located on the northern side of Breaksea Island, under the lighthouse, the dive site offers deep swim-throughs between seaweed and soft coral-covered walls.

Keep a keen eye out for little nudibranchs and the popular blue devils.

Try and spot the old communications cable hidden amongst the seaweed, a piece of Albany’s history hidden beneath the waves.

For a deep dive into Albany’s history, visit the HMAS Perth in King George sound. Sunk in 2001, the 133m long ship boasts a variety of corals, fish and history.

It is an easy dive for beginners and an exciting challenge for experienced divers, with the shallowest point starting at five meters and deepest at 36 meters.

Swim through the bridge and swing the Captain’s chair, take a swim down hallways, see the intact gun and spot the two resident wobbegong sharks.

An interpretive dive trail can be followed to learn about the local marine life.

Be sure to plan these dive trips around good weather where the swell is low.

For full experiences of these dive sites, book a charter with a local dive store or get a group of divers and a skipper together to enjoy a good day of diving.