Spike in drink driving rates

By Charlotte Wooldridge | posted on March 20, 2020

RATES of drink driving in Denmark have increased in recent years, despite efforts by local organisations.

The implementation of Denmark RoadWise committee’s Sober Superheroes project in 2017 hoped to see drink-driving incidents in the town reduce, but chairman of the committee Roger Seeney said the statistics revealed otherwise.

“Although the incidence of drink driving has lowered over the last decade, in 2018 drink driving still was the cause of 19 per cent of the road fatalities in Western Australia,” he said.

“Sixty-three per cent of these alcohol related fatalities occurred in regional WA.”

Even with the release of these numbers, the Sober Superheroes Scheme will continue in conjunction with the Denmark police.

The Shire of Denmark’s Communication and Engagement Officer Renee Wiggins said additional actions will be put in place to bring the statistics down.

“There will be an increase in police presence to help combat this issue in the future,” she said.

“In addition, investigations will be instigated on how a sustainable taxi service can be provided for Shire of Denmark residents.

“The Shire can also confirm that there will be a marked increase in the delivery of media campaigns which will be driven by the Road Safety Council of Western Australia.”

Concerns over the rates of inebriated drivers also comes at a time where the WA Police have announced the temporary suspension of ‘Breath and Drug Bus’ operations due to worry about the spread of COVID-19.

“The Shire is concerned about the proposed changes due to COVID-19 virus on ‘Breath and Drug Bus’ operations,” Ms Wiggins said.

“However we can confirm that this does not mean that police will not be targeting vehicles leaving licensed premises.”