Karri trees spared axe

By Chris Thomson | posted on January 10, 2019

KARRI trees along McLeod Road in Denmark that were in limbo over the Christmas break thanks to impending roadworks now look like they will be saved.

In December, Kordabup resident Miguel Pez told Denmark shire councillors and staff that 26 karris were imperilled.

Mr Pez said 11 of the karris had a circumference of greater than two metres.

On Tuesday, Shire CEO Bill Parker told The Weekender the Shire had been negotiating with Main Roads on a design compromise that would save the vast majority of the trees.

Main Roads had agreed to fund the road widening provided certain road design standards were maintained.

“We’re just working through some engineering solutions at the moment,” Mr Parker said.

“And we’re looking at potentially narrowing the road in sections and putting barriers and those sorts of things in place to try to protect the trees.

“There may be two trees that require removal, and that’s basically where somebody’s driveway enters McLeod Road and there’s some site issues, basically you can’t see the road from their driveway, so it is quite dangerous, so we may have to remove those.”

Mr Pez told The Weekender he was satisfied with the tree-saving solution described by Mr Parker.