Drawing on life

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on August 23, 2019

THE human form is the focus of a new art exhibition at Denmark’s Butter Factory Studios.

Life Lines is on display now until September 8 and features the work of resident artists Robyn Lees, Annie Nutter, Genesis Gutierrez, Ruth Halbert, Jasmine Heslop, Victoria Castiglione, Marie Kerr, Kerrie Wakefield, Suzie Kettle, Jessie Gloede and Jen Mitchell.

The artistic collective is part of a larger group called The Bodyliners who practise life drawing.

Mitchell regularly co-ordinates life drawing sessions at her home studio and said she was excited for the group to showcase their efforts.

“We have a wonderful time creating together, so this is a real joy to bring our work to a larger audience,” she said.

“I feel so lucky to have a large space that is perfect for this kind of session, and it is beautiful to be able to share it with other artists once a week.

“We put on old French records while we draw or paint and pause for morning tea – it is a lovely experience.”

Fellow artist Lees reiterated the importance of life drawing to artistic practice.

“Drawing and mark making is at the root of all visual communication,” she said.

“Life figure drawing in particular trains the eye to observe form, emotion and gesture; it teaches one to appreciate body language as a powerful form of communication.

“It can be a vital building block on which to base an art practice.”

Life Lines is on display now until September 8 at Butter Factory Studios Denmark.

Anyone interested in joining Mitchell’s life drawing sessions can reach her on 9848 2343.


Image: Robyn Lees’ work ‘Bodyliners’.