The power of love

By Ian Beeck | posted on March 26, 2020

IN THESE dark times, a Denmark couple have shone a beacon of light proving the enduring power of love as they committed their lives to each other on Sunday.

These touching pictures show the moment Fraser Richardson got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend Toni Maree.

But it nearly didn’t happen as part of Mr Richardson’s grand plan had them hiking up Monkey Rock at 5am to capture the sunrise.

“She didn’t really want to go,” he laughed.

“I’m unsure how I managed to even convince her now but I literally dragged her out of bed.”

Once at the peak, he then set up a 10-second timer saying it was for a selfie, but propped his phone against a rock and hit the record button.

Mr Richardson said he originally planned to propose on a holiday booked over Easter but with the COVID-19 impact, he thought ‘stuff it, I’ll bring it forward’.

Mr Richardson is doing it tough being the accommodation manager at Six Degrees but presently could not be happier.

Originally from Newcastle in the UK, he toured around Australia for a year before settling in Albany five years ago.

Ms Maree is a musician with a number of recently cancelled gigs but also has a full-time job as a teacher at Denmark Senior High School.

The happy couple plan on getting married in Denmark next year.