Community garden’s new splash of colour

By Charlotte Wooldridge | posted on May 1, 2020

DENMARK’S Community Garden has remained productive throughout isolation restrictions, proving community spirit is still alive.

The garden, which is run in partnership by Denmark GreenSkills and the Denmark Community Resource Centre, has received a new shade-house and hut-house, as well as being decorated with new artworks.

The upgrades come with assistance from a recent Department of Communities grant to help sustain the community venue as well as adding a splash of colour.

Denmark GreenSkills Project Manager Basil Schur said that the project is an important part of the south coast community.

“The community gardens have been going for just over a year now, and we’ve had over 120 people participate in gardening workshops, learning the skills of growing one’s own organic food,” he said.

But Mr Schur said that the garden and other GreenSkills projects mean much more than that.

“We have charity status, therefore our objectives are to alleviate disadvantaged people, as well as help our communities move towards sustainability,” he said.

“Our projects often involve supporting disadvantaged sectors of our community, whether they are rural, unemployed youth and other minority groups to be more included in worthwhile community and employment programs.”

The new artworks were designed and painted by local artists Karlee Bertola and Tessa Moncrieff.

“The two coordinated the installation of the art projects at the garden, which serve as both an inspirational and educational function,” Mr Schur said.

“Because of the current restrictions, we’ve not been able to run these partner projects as public art events, however the benefits of the art will be ongoing for a long time to come.”

Mr Schur said he was looking forward to the community’s response to the gardens new look when everyone can be back together again.

“In this time of closure, community groups such as GreenSkills are using the time productively for when we do come back and reopen, so that our venues will be upgraded, brighter than ever and ready to offer the types of services that we’ve done in the past,” he said.