Dance invokes reflection

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on September 21, 2018

THE second instalment of Denmark choreographer Annette Carmichael’s The Beauty Index will be performed next month following part one’s finalist listing in the 2018 Australian Dance Awards.

A Light Shade of Red will take centre stage at the Albany Entertainment Centre on October 19 and 20 and feature dancers aged 16 to 26 from the Great Southern.

It will explore a palette of emotions evoked by Armistice Day to tie in with the centenary celebrations which will commence in Albany in November.

Carmichael said the production took two years to develop and is similar to being in a dream, where “layers upon layers of images wash over you”.

“There is no single story, but the intent and commitment of the performers is to lead you through the experience,” she said.

“My War? [the previous production] was for the centenary of Anzac Day and it felt right that we created another performance for the centenary of Armistice Day.”

A Light Shade of Red was selected as the title name by Carmichael to evoke the dawning of the sun, which she said is an important time of day for reflection.

“The colour red means so much, from anger and violence to hope and joy,” she said.

“That moment between night and day when we are filled with the potential of what is to come… that seemed a good fit for the feeling of Armistice.

“What is the potential of humanity when we lay down our guns?”

The Beauty Index saga will continue with Carmichael’s third instalment, Chorus now underway.

Chorus is currently in production and will be a dance project for 200 women to perform in 2020.

Carmichael said a number of women of all ages and experiences have already joined in the project, but if anyone is interested, they can subscribe to her e-news via

Tickets for A Light Shade of Red can be purchased via the AEC Box Office or online via