Vivian paves the way

By Grace Jones | posted on August 31, 2018

ALBANY-bred cricketer Vivian Paver may have only played one game in the local A-grade competition, but the all-rounder is making his mark on the other side of the world with a batting average approaching that of the game’s greatest wielder of willow.

The former Goode Beach resident now revolves life around cricket seasons, with the year split between England and Perth.

With two matches left to play for Hutton Cricket Club in the Essex Cricket League season, his batting average sits at 99.92 runs, just 0.02 runs shy of the mark left by the great Don Bradman when he hung up the Baggy Green.

Paver has also been frugal with the ball this season, with a bowling average of 16.15 runs for each of his 39 wickets.

While pleased with his club-level success, the 28-year-old said he would be delighted to earn a place on a county team.

“Club cricket, which is where I’m playing now, is the highest level of amateur cricket available,” he said.

“Theoretically I could get selected for county, which is the equivalent of state cricket in Australia.

“Professional opportunities are difficult to come by but if I got the chance I would be thrilled.”

Despite having a masters degree in international relations to his name, the calling to pursue a living from cricket, as a player or coach, rings a little louder.

“I don’t have much desire to use my degree in a professional capacity, but it has helped shape my worldview,” he said.

“I’m very interested in my coaching development and seeing what opportunities that presents.

“I’ve already worked with a number of elite cricketers and I enjoy helping others maximise their potential.”

Paver said his love of the bat and ball started early on in the piece when living in Goode Beach.

“I’ve enjoyed cricket since I could walk and played with Dad in the backyard,” he said.

“I started off playing Super 8s in Albany and played Under 13s for Little Grove before I moved to Perth for high school.

“Cricket is full of challenges to one’s character. It tests me every day in different ways, and that is a daily battle that gives me purpose and a chance to improve.

“Batting specifically serves me as a kind of therapy, exercise, creative outlet and discipline all in one.”