Drugs case on ice

By Grace Jones | posted on March 16, 2019

FORMER Icebreakers facilitator Craig Golding was granted another four-week adjournment last week after a brief appearance in court related to his alleged methylamphetamine dealings.

Ice Breakers is a State Government funded program to help methylamphetamine addicts recover from their addictions and is run out of the Albany Police and Community Youth Centre.

Mr Golding did not appear when his name was called as the second item of the morning in the Albany Magistrates Court on Thursday related to a number of drug-related charges.

Last year, 15 charges of offering to sell methylamphetamine were laid after detectives allege they found illicit drugs and other items of interest in his Spencer Park home on December 6.

During Mr Golding’s last appearance before the court, Perth-based lawyer David Manera sought an adjournment in relation to Mr Golding’s desire to argue that police allegedly found a substance other than methylamphetamine.

Mr Manera appeared via teleconference and was informed by Magistrate Raelene Johnston that his client had not appeared.

Mr Manera proceeded to plead their case to adjourn until April despite Mr Golding’s absence.

“Mr Golding received a disclosure from the police that was a series of discs,” he explained.

“He wasn’t able to view the discs on his computer.

“We’re seeking an adjournment so Mr Golding can come to Perth and we can both go through them.”

Prosecuting Sergeant Alan Dean had no objections, and the matter was stood down temporarily until Mr Golding entered the courtroom.

Mr Golding entered Courtroom 3 more than 15 minutes later clutching a stack of discs stamped with the Western Australian Police shield, and wearing a black button down long sleeve shirt, jeans and red sneakers, was directed to take a seat and wait to be heard.

When Mr Golding made it to the stand he state to Magistrate Johnston that he “wasn’t late” but downstairs on the phone to his lawyer.

“Well, you were late for your name being called,” she replied.

Mr Golding hunched his shoulders slightly and responded.

“I apologise for that your Honour,” he said.

Mr Golding will appear in court on April 4.